We all have that favorite neighborhood bistro, that great bartender at your favorite pub, the server who always has a smile for you….now they need your help. As a result of the mandatory closing of dine-in services at all Arizona restaurants, thousands of workers have been laid off or had their hours drastically reduced. Restaurant owners, with little to no notice about the shutdowns, had no choice but to face the horrible reality of letting much of their staff go. So, our help is critical to the livelihood of our industry workers and their families.

Contribute Today!

Please consider a donation to help provide relief to those restaurant workers in critical need of supplemental income during the restaurant shutdowns. Many can and have filed for unemployment benefits, but many are in dire need of additional income until restaurants are allowed to reopen. 100% of all donations will go directly to the restaurant industry relief fund and donors will receive a taxable donation letter upon receipt of their donation.

Thank you to our Founding Donors